The Birth and Baby Space


Group antenatal classes


Our in-person group antenatal courses are held in Glasgow city centre. We spend half the course on preparing for birth looking at all the forms that might take, and the other half of the course focuses on taking care of your baby and what to expect in the early days and weeks with your new baby. 

 Gain the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for the birth of your baby and learn what you can do to make your birth a positive experience. 

Our group courses are brilliant for getting to know other expectant parents and making new friends!

Classes are available as weekly evening sessions or full day weekend workshops. Please check below button for course dates.

One to One sessions


One to one workshops are tailored just for you. If you have special circumstances for example, a more complex pregnancy or you would just prefer a more private experience, then these one to one workshops are for you! 

One to one workshops can be great for parents who have previously given birth and would like a refresher or would like to achieve a more positive birth experience this time.

Get all the information you need specific to your pregnancy. I can help creating birth plans and preferences, looking at your choices for whatever type of birth you are planning.

Prices start from £75 with discounts for multiple sessions. Choose between online or in person home visits.


Fantastic knowledge, guidance and understanding from Lisa helped us realise we are not alone in this horrible pandemic! I absolutely loved how much the course included partners and how it emphasised their role leading up to labour and during labour itself. Both of us had our mind blown and my husband can't wait for his own skin-to-skin with the baby!

Lyndsey and James