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One to One Sessions

One to one workshops are tailored just for you. They can be a brilliant add on to your group sessions, especially if you have special circumstances or a more complex pregnancy, or as stand alone sessions for that totally personalised experience. 

Get all the information you need specific to your pregnancy. We can help creating birth plans and preferences, looking at your choices for whatever type of birth you are planning.

One to one workshops can be great for parents who have previously given birth and would like a refresher or would like to achieve a more positive birth experience this time.

Contact us if you would like to discuss more.

Prices start from £50

  • Personalised antenatal sessions specific to your pregnancy.

    75 British pounds
  • Let me guide you through the choices to be made around birth

    50 British pounds

Lisa was a fantastic instructor. She made the sessions engaging and interactive. She was very supportive and clearly invested in us all.

Amy and Stephan