Mother and Baby Exercising

Story Massage for babies

The Story Massage Programme© is a fun and inclusive activity that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, with anyone! Massage oil is not normally used so no pesky clothes changes or stripping baby down. All movements and stories can be easily adapted to suit the individual baby’s needs of varying ages, abilities, personalities and temperaments. Different massage strokes complement the words of the story or song and build up a story that engages attention and stimulates the imagination.

Positive touch is at the centre of the Story Massage Programme©. The positive impact of the ‘feel-good’ hormone, oxytocin, is now a key factor in research into the physical, emotional, social and educational benefits of positive touch. Benefits include;

- Positive effect on reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation, well-being and engagement

- Helps with bonding and developing trust and social interaction with others

- Relax the body, easing tension and the cumulative effects of stress

- Improve sleep by encouraging relaxation at the end of the day

- Offer comfort and distraction from pain

- Offer comfort and a sense of safety and security 

- Promote the development of imagination

- Improve communication– both verbal and non-verbal by encouraging eye contact, expressive language, anticipation and communication of preferences such as different strokes

Classes are not just for your baby, but for you too! There will be plenty of opportunity to chat with other new parents and discuss any issues you may be having with an experienced tutor. 

Please contact us to join in with Story Massage Programme© and book your place today. Suitable from newborn. 


Story massage classes

  • December IN PERSON weekend course
    10 Dec, 10:00 GMT – 11 Dec, 16:30 GMT
    Glasgow, Hutcheson St, Glasgow G1 1SH, UK
    Ideal for those with due dates around Jan/ Feb 2023. Prepare to meet your baby by learning what to expect in labour and birth, and what you can do to make your birth a positive experience. Practice baby care (nappies, bathing etc) what to do with crying babies and find out about newborn baby sleep.