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Preparing you for birth and parenthood is what we do best!

Our flagship group antenatal course will prepare you for meeting your baby by learning what to expect in labour and all births, and what you can do to make your birth a positive experience, now matter what! Learn how you can navigate the maternity care system so you are full informed, and an idea of what birth environments are like in hospital, midwife units and home births.

Practice essential baby care like changing nappies, bathing and feeding. Learn what to do with crying babies and find out about newborn baby sleep patterns. With the Birth and Baby Space you will be supported from the moment our classes begin and all through those daunting first months of parenthood. 

Once your baby has arrived you can join us for our Story Massage classes. Every class we sing and tell stories using massage strokes to help your baby's social skills, language skills and cognitive and physical development. 

All of our antenatal and baby sessions are LIVE, practical, interactive, informative, personal and most of all fun! Sessions are led by a highly qualified, experienced and passionate instructor.

Come and join us, we would love to support you! 


Our course leader, Lisa, was incredibly positive, supportive and non-judgemental! I warmed to her right away and felt I could ask her anything.

Anna and Daniel


Group Birth and Beyond Classes

My husband and I came away feeling excited, rather than what we had previously felt which was fairly daunted and slightly scared! Lisa was very enthusiastic, which we really appreciated especially given the current covid circumstances. We really felt empowered with the information from the weekend.

Aleksandra and Piotr


Scotland, UK

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