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Preparing you for birth and parenthood is what we do best!

Based across Glasgow, our brilliant antenatal courses will prepare you for meeting your baby! Our aim is to give you the tools and the knowledge so you can make informed decisions to make your birth and early parenthood a positive experience, no matter what form that takes!

My antenatal sessions are evidence based using the most current research. I am a Glasgow NCT ( National Childbirth Trust) licensed practitioner with a degree in antenatal education. I'm highly qualified, experienced and very passionate about all things birth and baby! 

With the Birth and Baby Space you will be supported from the moment you book and our classes begin, all through those daunting first months of parenthood.

My mission is to make antenatal education accessible to everyone, which is why we run as a social enterprise. We offer free online antenatal workshops and offer subsidised spaces on all our antenatal courses. Please complete our contact form for further information on how to access a subsidised space.

Come and join me, I would love to support you! 


Free Upcoming Workshops

  • 21 Jul, 19:00 – 20:30
    Live Zoom
    There have been lots of changes in maternity and baby care over the years. This workshop will build on existing knowledge and update you on all the current guideline recommendations and the research behind them. Join us on zoom pregnant people and their families together Thursday 21st July 7pm.
  • 20 Jun, 19:00 – 20:00
    Join me on zoom for a taste of what our antenatal classes are like. We will be discussing what you should pack in your hospital bag and why!

Our course leader, Lisa, was incredibly positive, supportive and non-judgemental! I warmed to her right away and felt I could ask her anything.

Anna and Daniel


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My husband and I came away feeling excited, rather than what we had previously felt which was fairly daunted and slightly scared! Lisa was very enthusiastic, which we really appreciated especially given the current covid circumstances. We really felt empowered with the information from the weekend.

Aleksandra and Piotr